Brownie Miller and Sarah Amnie Wilson Vandivier

Brownie and Sarah Amnie Miller Family

This is the last couple I can identify in photos.

Brownie Miller was born on 22 Jun 1896 in Vermillion Co., IN, the son of Sylvester and Sarah Miller.  When he registered for the World War I draft on June 5, 1918, he was living in Clinton, IN, and working as a farmer.  His eye color was listed as brown and his hair color as red.  What we’re missing in the old black and white photos!

Brownie married Sarah Amnie Wilson Vandivier on June 19, 1920.  She was born August 19, 1901, the daughter of George Bayless Vandivier and Martha A. Daniel.

Sarah Amnie Vandivier with Brownie Miller

Sarah Amnie Vandivier with Husband Brownie Miller

Brownie and Sarah/Amnie had the following children:

  1.  Dorothy May Miller was born in 1922 in IN, USA.
  2. James Ivan Miller was born in 1923 in IN, USA.
  3. Annette Miller, born 1925; married Tom McLeish.
  4. Martha Miller was born in Feb 1929 in IN, USA.
  5. Charles Ray Miller was born about 1932.  He died about 1965 at the age of 33.

In 1930 the family lived in St. Bernice, Helt Township, Vermillion County, Indiana.

Brownie and Sarah Amnie Miller Family

Brownie and Sarah Amnie Miller Family

Children of Brownie and Sarah Amnie Miller

Children of Brownie and Sarah Amnie Miller

My mother told me that her Aunt Amnie (the name her family seemed to use) and her family visited her sister Mary Myrtle Vandivier (who married Fred Wilson) and her family in Connecticut when the oldest daughter Dorothy was about twelve years old.  She was no doubt interested in meeting her cousin with the same name, my Aunt Dorothy Edith Wilson.  The next year Dorothy Miller died of what was called “galloping consumption.”

Dorothy’s mother Sarah Amnie Miller died on February 17, 1763.  Her father died in March 1980 in Brazil, Clay County, Indiana.