George Bayless Vandivier and Martha A. Daniel

George and Martha Vandivier

George Bayless Vandivier was born on July 13, 1866 in Cornishville, Mercer Co., KY, the son of Richard Vandivier and Elizabeth Peavler.  His wife Martha A. Daniel was born July 10, 1871 in the same locality.  Her parents were Jacob Cleland Moore Daniel and Rhoda E. Farr.  They were married May 11, 1890 in Mercer County.

Sometime before their daughter Mary Myrtle’s birth November 18, 1894 the couple and their first three children moved to McKinney, Texas, northeast of Dallas.  By the time their son William was born December 23, 1896 the family was living in Kentucky again.  In June 1900 George and his family were shown by the federal census as living in Parke County, Indiana, where the family would remain.

In 1900 George worked as a day laborer.  On April 15, 1910 he was a laborer in brick plant. He died on July 2, 1942 at the age of 75 of chronic nephritis in St. Bernice, Vermillion Co., IN.

Martha had already died on January 26, 1940 at the age of 68 in Rosedale, Parke Co., IN.  They were both buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Florida Township, Parke Co., IN. My grandmother said that Martha was short, round and jolly.

George Bayless Vandivier and Martha A. Daniel had the following children:

  1.  Elizabeth Vandivier, born 18 Apr 1891; married Walter Redenbaugh, 15 Aug 1905; died 25 Aug 1975.
  2. Thusia Vandivier was born on 10 Apr 1892. She died on 10 Apr 1895 at the age of 3.
  3. Melvina Vandivier, born 20 Jan 1893; married Henry Thomas Buffington, 15 Sep 1906; died 27 Jul 1953.
  4. Mary Myrtle Vandivier, born 18 Nov 1894, McKinney, TX; married Frederick Everett Wilson, 1910; died 26 Dec 1948, Wassaic, Dutchess Co., NY.
  5. Russell Vandivier was born in Dec 1895. He died in Dec 1895 at the age of 0.
  6. William Thomas Vandivier, born 23 Dec 1896, Kentucky; married Carrie Opal Peffley, 20 Mar 1918; died 9 Dec 1965, , Parke Co., IN, USA.
  7. Jacob Milton Vandivier, born 4 Jul 1898, Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY, USA; married Mary Mandana Cottrell, 24 Feb 1919; died 3 Mar 1975, Rockville, Parke Co., IN, USA.
  8. Sarah Amnie Wilson Vandivier, born 19 Aug 1901 in IN, USA; married Brownie Miller, 19 Jun 1920; died 17 Feb 1963.
  9. Wilma Vandivier was born on 11 Dec 1902. She died on 11 Dec 1902 at the age of 0.
  10. Thelma Vandivier was born on 11 Dec 1902. She died on 11 Dec 1902 at the age of 0.
  11. Nellie M. M. Vandivier was born in 1903 in , Parke Co., IN, USA.
  12. Chester Alvin Vandivier, born 20 Jul 1904, Parke Co., IN, USA; married Edith Markwell, 25 Mar 1930; died Apr 1980, Dana, Vermillion Co., IN, USA.
  13. Vina Marie “Vinnie” Vandivier, born 10 Sep 1908, Parke Co., IN, USA; married Zenith Johnson, 1 Jan 1924.
  14. Elmer Ray Vandivier, born 30 Jul 1910; married Lenore Blanche Beaty, 16 Oct 1929; died 25 Sep 1967, Parke Co., IN, USA.
  15. Everett Vandivier, born 9 Mar 1912; married Dorothy Overpeck, 17 Apr 1933; died 22 Jul 1992, Terra Haute, Vigo Co., IN.

Frederick Everett Wilson and Mary Myrtle Vandivier

Fred and Myrtle Wilson

My grandparents Frederick Everett Wilson and Mary Myrtle Vandivier both grew up in Parke County, Indiana.  Fred was born on 17 Jun 1887 in Montezuma, Parke Co., IN, the son of George S. Wilson and Viola V. Hise.

Mary Myrtle Vandivier, daughter of George Bayless Vandivier and Martha A. Daniel, was born on 18 Nov 1894 in McKinney, TX.  Her parents moved back to Kentucky by 1896 and lived there until 1898.  By 1900 her family was living in Parke county.

In 1910 the federal census shows Fred and Mary living next door to each other in Reserve Township.  That is the same year I was told they were married, although I haven’t found a marriage record.

Between 1914 and 1916, the couple moved with three children to Converse County, Wyoming.  I have found two land grants on file for Fred.  Two of their children, Florence and Richard, were born there.

Myrtle Wilson with Children in Wyoming

For some unknown reason the family moved to Strafford Township, Orange County, Vermont by January 1920.  Four more of their children were born there:  Dorothy, Everett, Edna and Donald.  Fred was a farmer and also worked in a local sawmill.

Fred Wilson with his child in Vermont

Myrtle Wilson with Son Donald in Vermont

Myrtle Wilson with son Donald in Vermont

By 1929 the family was living in Connecticut.  That year their daughter Nina was born in Hartford.  The family moved to Litchfield County by where their daughter Juanita and son Raymond were born.  Fred worked as a night watchman for the Warrington Woolen Mill that made clothing for United States military troops.

In 1945 the family moved to Wassaic in Dutchess County, New York.  There Fred worked in the Wassaic State School.  Mary had very high blood pressure and died there December 16, 1948.

Fred and Myrtle Wilson

Fred and Myrtle Wilson, taken in Wassaic, N.Y.

The Fred Wilson Family

The Fred Wilson family taken in Wassaic, N.Y.

Fred died on 12 Oct 1965 at the age of 78 of pneumonia in Hagerstown, MD, USA. He and his wife are both buried in Amenia Island Cemetery in Amenia, Dutchess Co., NY, USA.

Wabash Valley Couples

Unidentified Couple No. 5

Below is a list of couples who are my direct ancestors in the Wabash Valley.  Eventually I will be posting information for each one and their families.

Jacob Cleland Moore Daniel and Rhoda E. Far

Jesse Hise and Mary Ann Runyan

Solomon Hise and Catherine Millison

Jesse T. Millison and Lucinda Starn

Samuel F. Murray and Viola V. Hise

Joseph Peavler and Mary Ann Ridge

Jesse David Runyan and Phebe Jane Cooper

David Skeeters and Catherine Turner

Frederick Everett Vandivier and Mary Myrtle Vandivier

George Bayless Vandivier and Martha A. Daniel

George S. Wilson and Viola V. Hise

William Harvey Wilson and Mary Skeeters


Welcome to Wabash Valley Families.

A few years ago my mother was given many old photos of relatives living in western Indiana.  Except for a few people we don’t know who they are.  This blog is an effort to bring the photos and the names of individuals together.  I hope someday people visiting this blog will be able to identify people in photos.

I will be adding the couples for whom I have photos first, followed by the photos of identified relatives.